To study for the exam I used the A Cloud Guru course from I watched it on double speed on my car dash on the commute to work and on the elliptical machine. I binged/crammed these lectures over the course of 2 weeks. I would not recommend the driving and watching (mostly listening), however this is also what I have done for the last year for most of my lectures for my Master’s degree.

After watching all the lectures on double speed (some of the sections twice). I did the practice exams. I did not pass the practice exams initially, so I studied the parts that I missed. I was fortunate enough to have Pluralsite at work so I took those practicd quizzes also.

I scheduled the exam at Centriq and it was an interesting experience. I had to put my phone, coat and bag in a locker, then take the exam on a computer in a locked room with other people. There were cameras on you in the room.

To some degree it was actually nice to not have the distractions that are normally popping up on a computer. My mind did wander a few times throughout the exam, which took a little over an hour for the 60 questions.

In the end I was able to pass it on my first try.