As a conference organizing group we learned last year that having a Speaker Agreement was invaluable. It was sort of a contract not backed by money, but your word.

As we set out this year we decided to have an Organizer Agreement. I sat down and wrote the first with the attempt to keep things basic. I also wanted to cover the things that were ambiguous but caused me or others strife in the first year.

I put this up for review for all the other organizers and many provided good feedback.

Next it was sent to all organizers for the conference with her/his name in the subject and the rest of the organizers copied throught he use of the DL for organizers. Organizers were asked to respond to email the email with her/his name in the subject with the simple term “I agree”. This was tracked in a Trello card with each organizer on a checklist for organizer agreeement.

I offer this here for others to use and to get feedback on how to make it better.

Please read and reply to all with “I agree”. Please respond to the one with your name in the subject.

As an organizer of (this conference):

  • I agree that the ultimate goal is to put on the best show possible on the days of the event

  • I agree to try to have fun and encourage others to have fun

  • I agree to be most excellent to the other organizers by:

    • Being patient, inclusive, tolerant, open, and helpful
  • I agree that I will update either Trello or Slack (or both) with the work I plan to do and the work I have done to be respectful of other’s time and minimize re-work or double work

  • I agree to present proposals for items that will cost money or have impact on attendee satisfaction.

    • Agreement will be noted by “+1’s”. At least 4 “+1’s” are required to immediately pass a proposal. If 2 days have passed without any dissent and without the requisite affirmations, then the proposal will pass.

    • Disagreements will be noted by “-1’s”. At least 4 “-1’s” are required to immediately reject the proposal.

      • 1-3 “-1’s” will cause a two day delay for debate. At the end of the second day, the proposal will pass if there aren’t 4 “-1’s”.
  • I agree to keep up on the updates to the best of my ability, but understand that myself and others will need to ask for the progress of certain tasks and through those conversations that new things will be uncovered.

  • I agree to admit when things are not working on a specific task and ask for help rather than hiding it.

  • I agree I have read and will abide by: (link to organizing guide)

  • I agree I have read and will abide by: (link to code of conduct)

So far there has been less ambiguity on how to move forward toward putting on a great show.