You can see all the great Day 1 speakers on this Playlist and all the great Day 2 speakers on this Playlist.

DevOpsDays 2019 was the biggest and best yet! Over 500 atteendees made their way through the halls of Plexpod Westport Commons which is a renovated Middle School that now serves as a coworking space on 39th street in KCMO.

The Program was jam-packed with tons of great content that was again delivered on a Jumbotron like screen.

We had many full and coveted 2-hour workshops which received a lot of great feedback and gave many participants that opportunity to dig into technical topics. Ranging from Value Stream Mapping to AWS Dev Deep Racer and from a leadership style of putting the developer first to automating the boring stuff with Kubernetes. Most of these were not recorded as they are part of the in-person experience.

Open spaces were held in the morning rather than the afternoon for the first time and this helped to raise attendance for this in-person free flow exchange of ideas.

We, of course, had great food from local KC companies Joe’s Kansas City BBQ for lunch on day one and Hawaiian Bros for lunch on day 2. Betty Rae’s showed up the second day for Ice Cream in the afternoon.

We got together for a great night of games and giveaways at No Other Pub

Shirts were again printed on-demand on-site by a local amazing company Seen Merch.

Our graphics were created and provided by Will Mackey an incredible local artist that we cannot say enough good things about.

We had a local podcaster Du’an Lightfoot #labeeveryday (with over 30k YouTube subscribers) attend and do podcasts on site.

We couldn’t have done any of this without all the amazing sponsors!! There were over 30 sponsors contributing support to make this happen.

DevOpsDay KC is also completely volunteer ran. Each of the organizers gave up their own time that they could have spent on countless other activities to put on a show for the sake of building a stronger, faster, better Kansas City Tech community.