I just completed CS 498: Applied Machine Learning and I loved every bit of it. We covered both supervised and unsupervised learning and even got into deep learning at the end.

This was the most challenging course I have taken since my senior design project in Senior year of college. I spent on average about 10-12 hours on each assignment (some much longer).

The 10 assignments in 16 weeks included:

  1. Classification w/Naive Bayes
  2. Classification w/SVM
  3. Smoothing Noise w/PCA
  4. More PCA
  5. Classifying w/Variable Length Inputs
  6. Outlier Detection
  7. Text bag-of-words Search and classification
  8. Classification with Artificial Neural Networks
  9. Variational Autoencoders
  10. Deep Neural Networks (Take-home Final)

The syllabus can be found at

My coursework can be found at

All homeworks received 100% marks.