Over the weekend, I completed an Artificial Intelligence Nano Degree from #Udacity. This program has been incredibly interesting over the last few months. It focused quite a bit on the logic used in games. I created an algorithm to play Sudoku and an agent to play Isolation. I also worked on a project involving planning and one involving parts of speech tagging. I chose this program because it is based on the book “Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach” 3rd Edition by Peter Norvig and Stuart Russell. Further one of the sections of the program is taught by Peter Norvig. Some of this program overlapped with the coursework in my Master’s of Computer Science. It was more open and human understandable algorithm based as opposed to the machine learning/deep learning that is more of a black box I have been focusing on the last few years.

Because of reasons, I had to drop a course based on an earlier version of this text in undergrad and came up one course short of a Minor in CS, so I always wanted to get back to this.

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